Fulton County Public Art

NAP Reception, 2006

National Arts Program Piece

Fulton County Arts & Culture, 2006.

Opportunities for Artists

Artist Registry: Call for Georgia Artists.

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The Artists Registry Program is a pre-qualified pool of Georgia visual artists eligible to be considered for public art projects funded through the Fulton County Public Art Program.  This registry is used for projects initiated or funded in 2010, 2011, and 2012.  In order to be considered for public art projects initiated during this period, artists must apply and be approved for inclusion in the Public Art Program Artists Registry.

Artists submitted into the Artists Registry during the years 2001 through 2004 must reapply as new criteria for acceptance have been implemented.


The Public Art Program Artists Registry is open to visual artists who:
•    Are full-time residents of the State of Georgia
•    Work in any permanent media
•    Have knowledge of public art. (previous experience in public art is not required, artists should be knowledgeable of materials, techniques, and the public art processes)
•    Create work appropriate for Public Art. (In terms of scale, material, content and social dynamics)

Fulton County full-time employees and students enrolled in a formal art education program are not eligible to apply.  However, graduate students enrolled in a visual arts program in the state of Georgia are eligible to apply to the Public Art Program Mentorship Program. The Public Art Program Mentorship Program gives artists the opportunity to work with an artist commissioned by Fulton County on a public art project.  To apply to this program please check the Mentorship Program box on page 6.


Applications are reviewed twice a year.  Submissions must be postmarked by the announced deadline for review.  Late applications will be held until the next review session.

Mentorship Guidelines & Applications

The mentorship program is open to Georgia artists or graduate students enrolled in a visual arts program who are seeking hands on experience with a public art commission. A stipend of $3000 to $5000 will be awarded to those chosen, to assist a professional artist who has been commissioned by Fulton County for a public artwork. The stipend award will depend upon the duration of the mentorship and project needs. The apprentices, in addition to the duties assigned to them by the artist, will be asked to document the project and submit reports to the Public Art Coordinator. Duties assigned to an apprentice by the artist (mentor) may include materials research, assistance at workshops and construction meetings, correspondence with collaborating parties and assistance in installation. Under the guidance of the Public Art Staff, commissioned artists have the opportunity to interview and select a candidate from the pool of mentorship applicants that interests him or her.

click here to download the mentorship program application.

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